Your markings also come off easier than you’d like. Thanks again. Although the Callaway Chrome Soft was not rated well in the test, it was second for 7 iron and wedge and 4th with the driver. After warming up with my iron simply switched to the Mizuno and right away got an extra 1000rpm. I’m not sure I understood why Titleist pro v1x is for slow speed swing. Best rd in 3 years. I don’t even have a driver, I use a 3wood and hybrid, and my swing speed is in the 90-100 range, so I focus on the slow speed or the combo speed and kind of extrapolate my own info, CS, CSX, Vice pro, q star tour, Vice pro soft, AVX, tour soft, all of these are solid options for me with my skill set and what I’m looking for (accuracy over distance, but as far as I can get), The more I read this the more I realize that all of these balls are pretty close. Would you be willing to help by giving a donation? It INCREASED by around 2/5 yards. I can’t find any information on the ball outside of the the website. I am interested to hear your thoughts on the Bridgestone Tour B XS. This newer one feels a shade softer thtan the 55 and trails the 70 by a few yards. Their test was dead on for my swing speed. I hit a very high ball naturally and in windy conditions that Snell ball will definitely be an improvement over the others I”ve played. seems to be a great deal of trolling in these comments. Why he didn’t go straight to Dick’s and buy a case is completely beyond me. The test then is to realign the ball in the device so the mark is not on top, I usually put it with the mark at the equator, and then re-spin. Mizuno Tour X. I did a very big write up on the numbers in the ball forum post on this article, page 19 I believe. I will be 70 in June and added 20 yards to my drives. Because some of these balls are VERY close in performance, and some are just pumpkins. Needless to say, they are all now enjoying the extra yardage that Snell has provided. I notice the Srixon Z Star is one of the top recommended balls, along side pro v and Bridgestone tour x. In most cases, the visible damage was limited to small areas of missing paint that would be unlikely to impact performance. And if so, any recommendation as to how low? After hitting each sleeve of balls several times from various tee boxes, I examined the results (I didn’t look at them along the way in order to maintain a sense of fairness to the ball). but question i have is, back in 2013? Every golf course has different characteristics and provides a different experience. We want you to get the most out of your and revise it everytime a new score is submitted. I notice an awful lot of Snell Golf ads here. as always, great work. Looks like whatever distance you pick up with the driver, you drop on the approach shot. I’ve played CUT balls for over 6 months now and have not experienced the durability issue… I wonder if this is directly related to changes in their 2019 version… the guys at TXG noticed significant changes in performance between the previous and the newer version (particularly in spin). After reviewing the raw data I was surprised to find the Snell MTB X rated as Very Good ball despite what I interpret as inconsistency issues (shot area, std dev metrics). MGS is great. Watch the response Callaway is going to have moving forward. The ball guys who aren’t wholly invested in selling you a feel-based product have been honest about this. Thank you! That’s what I’d like to do – download and import into a little application that I’d like to write. I don’t know it for a fact, but I’m also told it’s the ball that the majority of Callaway’s Tour Players use. Bottom line is, if you have some game, you can break 80 with almost any clubs and any golf ball. Great value though. It falls in the good category and only costs $30 a dz. WOW the information in this report is outstanding! As we miss most of them balls with higher spin check up better. Then I started serving up more slices than Tony’s Pizza Parlour. That said, he protests too much on the validity of data. I thought “do” was a typo but wasn’t sure. Excellent info. Can you explain what criteria was used to rank the balls in the Performance Breakdown? My favourite MGS Article to date. But the reason behind this statement will be unbeatable. Finding the right one among so many choices is hard. Despite Titiest saying that the Pro V1 and Pro V1x balls being the balls that most people will turn to, the AVX will offer something slightly different for most golfers. That’s not to say performance can’t be exceptional and that consistency can’t be good. A few yards one way or another don’t make a lot of difference but consistency does. He said the only reason they had to register is separately is because it had different markings on the exterior, but in construction and performance it’s 100% the same ball. The chart suggests a strong correlation between compression and ball speed off the driver. Thank you. If you don’t like the data or test or the way they setup the test then don’t use the data. If you are looking for a soft feeling ball that is head to head with the AVX in performance, the TPS is your choice. Gonna be fun for sure. Have you ever been told that all golf balls go the same distance? The data processing and interpretations are interesting in these posts. the main things i would look at are ball velocity and spin. This is the hardest point to convey to those who haven’t seen it first hand. Beyond that, most everything else is at least partially outsourced. I have felt I played the Plus better off the tee and around the green to be honest. Do your tests then post your results, great idea! So if you have two balls that are, for example, not perfectly balanced, and one his hit with a slight fade, and the other with a slide draw, you’re going to get a wider shot area than you would for two balls that are really out of balance, but just happen to be hit with a draw bias (or with the heavy side tilting left). That’s important to point out because what golfers don’t seem to understand is that coloring a urethane cover ball isn’t as simple as adding some pigment and calling it a day. My son (8, 55 swing speed ) plays the Wilson Duo and I want add this ball. Surely their success can’t be all down to marketing!? The only ball hit clearly down the middle of the fairway on every shot was the Wilson Duo Professional. A few of them ballooned. For me then, I would still play the chrome softs because I like hitting the ball close to pin high. today. Bud. There was a 6 yard difference with driver between the same model ball that was produced in two different colors. At Fair, we don’t think the performance is competitive AND there are consistency red flags If you cannot or will not spend $25+ bucks per dozen then you might as play. But, my biggest concern when looking for a ball is “does it help me hit fairways and greens?” So instinctively was drawn towards your Offline, Spin Axis, and Shot Area data. As you can probably imagine, the ball test was quite an eye-opener for us, and consequently, we’re looking at ways to both talk about and present golf balls differently. Regarding the inclusion of the Ionomer balls – we included ERC Soft, TourSoft, and QStar because of how they are positioned in the market (almost tour quality). It’s not that we didn’t give much credence to accuracy, it’s that there are a number of variables in play – probably far more than most would assume with robot testing. Thanks for great work….again. But arguably the most important golf equipment item was left out: golf balls. Tony, Thanks for your comments. This was such a fun read. Perfect timing too. Brian, And balls that had high marks were lower on the chart, like ViceSoft/Pro, which had no quality issues, were close to center line than most and performed well in all your tests, why werent those higher? Because their land areas look atrocious. It would be great if you could add a 70 MPH category the next time you test for those of us who don’t even come close to your lowest swing speed setting – 85 MPH. I understand that testing takes time but wouldn’t be prudent to show the slower swings speed people how they can benefit from this type of information. That’s not what golf is about, and what’s in you bag certainly doesn’t equate to what’s on your scorecard. Still not sure I’d game that ball though, It had the 6th worst shot area off the driver mostly due to having the worst stdev of offline. So getting back to ZStar vs. ZStar yellow…start with looking at the cutaway images we posted. This year’s offerings include new versions of popular golf balls like the Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x, TaylorMade’s TP5 and TP5x, and the Z-Star and Z-Star XV from Srixon. Your spreadsheet only has 13 ball choices. Vice’s paint analogy doesn’t really hold up as coloring a golf ball is more complex than latex paint. Play around the green. Fairways are wide, green typically aren’t. Our testing showed that golf balls do not perform differently at different swing speeds – at least not to any significant degree. Our data suggests that the golf ball might be the single most important decision you make about what goes in your bag. Scott has been at PXG for three years. We didn’t want new golfers to have to go through this alone, hence the creation of the Driving Range game type. The link is a customizable spreadsheet that i designed using the MGS Ball Test results. Why does Callaway just not produce the tour CS ball and completely ditch the slow one that the average consumer uses? The AVX ball one of Titleist’s hot releases in 2018. Any chance your source for this information was mistaken? That would be a brilliant widget; give those three boxes to enter the weights and have it pop out the suggested ball. There are no logos or player dots/lines or other user markings on any ball. I’m really interested in this study because I’ve been looking into compression ratings and hitting soft balls compared to harder balls ever since the marketing trend began. Don’t know. I am looking at buying the Snell MTB X, but since you only tested the white ball do you think there will be some variance between the yellow and white MTB X? It’s exactly why, despite having the means to do an indoor ball test for the last 5 years, we waited until we could use what the industry says are the right tools. When asked which ball each of you would choose I’m surprised neither of you choose a ProV ball and I’m really surprised 2 of you chose the Tour B X, although looking at the data I suppose not. "How do I find the right golf ball?" I noticed the big differences comparing the z star and z star (yellow). However, I must admit that I have hit several 2-piece Japanese Golf Balls that blow the doors off of their American Counterparts. The two speeds provide the end points between where differences begin to become apparent and where speed reveals more significant differences between balls. If you are normally a straight hitter with questionable distance control, this probably isn’t your ball. Everybody compares their ball to the Pro V1 as they are the gold Standard. Why spend $48 when you can spend $32 for a dozen balls? Understanding the compromises in performance opting for a softer feel is one thing but eliminating feel altogether in favour of performance is quite the other and could lead everyone to believe the best performing ball fits everybody. I’m a Snell guy and buy the value pack once in a while. TaylorMade has a factory in the USA, but they use it only to put the cover on the balls. It was great to see Matt happy again after suffering from depression due to distance loss and spin control. For most golfers, that’s a 3+ clubs difference. I too would like it if Dean made an appearance here. I sure hope so, as well as all the others too. Just the right amount of spin for a guy with one set of characteristics may be too much spin for another. Thought it a bit odd as I typically get 240-250 off the driver. OnCore runs $35 for the Elixr (less in bulk, and I believing they still have a 5% discount for having an account with them, so about $33.25 for a single dozen). First off, this is incredible information and love it. Firmer balls are faster, generally longer, and as an added benefit to many golfers, they spin more around the green. With my new AP3s, and soon to be ProV1s, my game is mine again. Wow this is an amazing test !! 85 mph covers the vast majority of golfers. I get it, but it is a shame. If you need shot shape correction, it might be worth moving down a category and trying something like an E12 to see if it lives up to Bridgestone’s claims. On the other hand, golf balls don’t get much of it. If you are playing a “soft” golf ball, it’s probably costing you distance off the tee (unless you swing under 85 MPH) and spin around the green. This may be more of what that lower SS speed group appreciates. I see that it was chosen on this page as a great value as well. I don’t need to spend huge money to see a difference. Our mission is #ConsumerFirst. Not many, maybe five “out of balance” out of the five dozen…, Definitely doing that when mine come in – the bad ones are going into friends hands . The bright color of the ball creates the illusion of zero compressions. (Balls that aren’t over $40)… Lol . Looks like a great ball for me in all numbers except carry distance. This test IS a VERY useful tool that one should take in to a private fitter. Don’t leave the pro v1x at high swing speed because it is also good at low swing speed. Shut up and read the data. A smaller number represents tighter dispersion. The big disadvantage to using a robot is we do not get to see how these balls perform for different swings. Loving this data, and now very drawn to this years Maxfli offerings. Swing speed: 120-125+ Learn how your comment data is processed. I don’t foresee myself leaving the Chrome Soft X behind for a while, but have used Snell MTB Red and ablack in the past and really liked them. From the video, it seems possible it was only one. Or written differently: fool reviews and consumers ! The most worrisome statistic for the Srixon Z-Star has to be the 3.25 standard deviation in the 85-yards wedge shot, which is towards the bottom of the pack. Honest answer is we overlooked it. Let’s tackle one of the most common golf ball myths. Spin is just fine. Srixon ZStar This page contains affiliate links. I learned a lot from reading your testing. Snell MTB Over in the forum I took the raw data and tried to come up with my own quantitative conclusions. I am around 95-100 mph swing speed. Yea, I am surprised the Maxfli Tours aren’t getting more love. Great article! Top 10 Best Range Golf Balls in 2019 Reviews. I work for a discount golf store in central Florida. The little tweaks are necessary to make yellow play like white. TaylorMade is a famous golf ball used by some of the world’s best. At $28 a dozen (when purchased in bulk), the MTB-X is the ultimate high-performance value ball. It’s that simple. I get reasonably similar performance out of different compression balls. Q: Why did you choose to use a robot for the ball test? Glad to see that the Snell balls perform at the top levels and again glad that I switched to Snell several years ago. You can play in the abundant green course without worrying. It’s almost a different story for each golf course, and we’re always excited to tell these stories to our readers. I was asking my son if he saw any difference in my swing because I was losing 15-25 yards with the Kirkland. Why were iron shots hit off a tee? The fact Callaway tour pro’s won’t play the off the shelve Callaway ball tells you everything you need to know. All balls tested were 3, 4, or 5-pc “tour level” balls. I agree with your prior head to head with the pro v, so I scooped em up. Would that make you lean towards a Titleist or Bridgestone as the best all around ball to play? From the charts it appears to be 5+ yards. Here’s a link that should help you on your quest for the holy grail. How would you apply this to junior golfers who play at an intermediate to advance level? There could be some mixing and matching going on – it’s hard to say with any certainty unless the insides are absolutely the same. Curious how it compares to Snell MTB X. I was just on Snell’s website and they have a Comparison Chart listing balls from Titleist, Taylormade, Calaway, and Bridgestone to the Snell ball they recommend trying. In terms of stopping power. Golfers hit golf balls and their swings are all different, things like angle of attack, face angle to path, path to target, etc. My long game has been getting a little better putting me in that range more often. Picked up a dozen green matte also and I must say they glow nicely. What these results really show is exactly what MGS says in the beginning. Given the consistency of the swing robot, this is something you would expect. I had to reread that part too. Why play with the same few friends, when you can expand your personal network or business contacts through Deemples. Will an off line hit (say slice/block) with driver be impacted more in strong cross winds by the higher spinning balls? I’ve read through many of the comments and been active in the MGS Ball Test forum thread as well. With that said, in real world testing where angle of attack, quality of contact and other human factors come into play, the results may or may not match up to the test data. As an engineer and a product manager, we wish there were a way to take a subjective attribute such as feel and create a metrics for it, that would make sense. Could you clarify how balls were placed on the tee? After realizing that, and remembering the My Golf Spy Distance vs. So far it seems that what I’ve found in my own testing seems to match what you have here. Can you think of any reason to continue playing them and why they did so well in your tests? Sure, the clubs need to fit you, and modern equipment seems to be better than stuff from 10 years ago, and the ball is important to a certain degree, but your swing, your decision making/game plan and your mindset/attitude have way more to do with your results than your equipment does. I know the goal is always longer, longer, longer. I live in Canada and play in a lot of colder weather. Your club fitter could easily be selling you the worst club for you. That’s basically how it’s designed. If you’re battling a slice that means side spin is high enough to overcome backspin. Is it hitting driver less? Buy a 2-pack…costs $44.99 each. I may be grabbing a sleeve of Prov1x & VolvikS4 and compare to my fav Vice Soft. Well to make a long story longer, I was sort of impressed, but still hadn’t found “My New Ball for Next Season.” As is the case with a lot of delusional golfers who have been brain-washed by marketing hype, I figured my arthritic shoulders needed a softer ball that I could “compress” off of my driver. Tried the Snell MTB-x and it was in the middle spin wise between Mizuno and TM. My driver speed is about 85, but working on improving it. awesome. We haven’t done any more digging on that subject (yet). Look for Callaway to come to come out with several of these tests to ‘disprove” MGS. For me, unless something changes, its Wilson Duo Professional, matte yellow. If the ball does what you need it to do, do waste your time and energy counting layers. Lastly a big Thank you to the MGS crew for trying to help all of us become more informed about what is being put out into the market, giving us data to ultimately make more informed decisions and for giving us average joe’s a place to voice our concerns and questions about what product is out in the market. Walter–Where did Callaway post? out there that do tee time bookings, GPS, scoring. We’ve heard they’re working to bring a new one to market, but it hasn’t materialized yet. Two rounds in I’m sold. Vice Pro was a good fit for me and I have several others that I have yet to test but am looking forward to the process. We will never know the answer without asking the question. How can ANY club fitting be meaningful? I’m curious if one ball significantly offline (20 yards or more) had a major impact on the offline avg and st dev results. We’ve also provided launch monitor data as well as dispersion and compression data. Likely a caching issue. Looking at the totality of it, we believe the performance is appealing (long with low spin off the driver, excellent launch and spin characteristics off the irons, and low-mid launch with higher than average spin off the wedges). TOM—–It’s actually a tweener—Somewhere Between the Srixon Q-Star and the Callaway ERC Soft.. You won’t get quite as much spin, but at roughly the same distance and feel it’s a good call. It was good to actually see the compression test/distance spin at different swing speeds, that was an eye opener for many I’m sure. But – now I guess I should probably focus on more of a distance golf ball? Well if feel is meaningless, looks have nothing to offer us in performance either. What would be the best choice for a senior player? However, the last month and a half I have been using all three of the mentioned balls and am amazed to say that I am switching the the MTB-X. 4. Thoughts on what ball had the most consistency from shot to shot? This study is saying that a soft ball is a slower ball and a firmer ball is a longer ball. Last time I bought five dozen (of the MTB Black) I spent an evening in front of the TV dunking all the balls in epsom salts solution to see if any were “out of balance”. Weather has been sketchy but I’ve got 8 rounds in with them. Our results are very similar to the fine results stated by MGS. I’ve played the tour soft and loved it, but now I’m wondering if I can get more consistency and a bit more Greenside control from something like the tp5 or the pro v1. Performance over feel? In general, when you can, you want to avoid severe temperature shifts as it can cause balls to degrade faster. it would be interesting to see how the offline stat would change. Filter shot area for 115 MPH swing speed, the highest shot area is 2,180 SY. It’s probably shorter on irons and wedges due to it’s higher spin. I had to read it again myself. Zero chance my source is mistaken. Also I thought the Black was supposed to be the longer. I agree with the data that compression has very little affect on my shots. I would love to see a comment on accuracy, given that’s what matters in golf? Can you explain the large jump I’m shot area when you select the box for both 85 MPH and 115 MPH? Don’t you worry, the email is coming. I wont go into the maths of the standard deviation but its basically a measure of consistency. Viewed objectively, you just might find the right ball for your game this season and next. I don’t know what the Snell bulk discount is like in the US, but in Canada you can’t beat the Z star for $2 a ball. Basically, they know soft is slow, but they also know that many golfers will play what they like and assign the blame for any shortcomings on themselves. That’s going down the road of the marketing hype you all claim to hate so much. Now it is up to me to use the results in conjunction with my golf game and fine the best ball for my game. First off this is by far the best report on golf balls I’ve read. Then I saw your Performance Chart and it confused me, several of the balls you said had quality issues you have in your Very Good (SrixonXV & TMTP5X), am I not reading this correctly? Any opinions or conflicting viewpoints on this? And from the iron fitting I did last week, these results are exactly what I saw regarding the Snell MTB-x, TP5x, and Mizuno RB TourX… I played the tp5x all last year and always regarded myself as a low spin player. just my two cents thanks i appreciate your testing and the information. I have dozens of them in sealed boxes and I would have been happy to donate a box for the cause. However it’s marketed as a tour ball whereas Snell himself says the Get Sum is a “fun” ball. Carry increased by approximately 2.5 yards, CUT Blue – raised seams, sharp dimple edges and cut easily on wedge strikes, CUT Grey – raised seams, sharp dimple edges and cut easily on wedge strikes, TaylorMade TP5 – a single ball with a visibly raised seam, Limit your selection to whatever balls you’d like to display, Choose between driver, iron, and  wedge data. I’d want something that has a bit tighter landing area. Walter, you seem especially disturbed by my point of view. Deemples scoring platform doesn’t allow you to key in your own scores, making it the fairest handicap system available. When you factor in the variance of quality of strike (real world) the results seem to indicate that there are some very good balls out there. With a name like Skip Kendall you should be able to hit a broom stick better than most mortals. While I am not one for dialing the current balls back, I do think that the loss of distance from hard to soft balls in your test could be accommodated by using a different tee. Next time, for the sake of simplicity and not muddying the waters, I’d be inclined to hold back some of the data and instead, put a letter grade or something like that on dispersion. A spinny ball at 85 is spinny at 115. For for some reason I decided to try the Callaway Supersoft as they were on special. Did you know that there is a specific kind of golf ball designed for the way you play and your skill level? Share on Facebook. It’s making a big impact on Snell’s sales, and if they are increasing enough to cause backorder somebodies sales are decreasing. t. Outstanding. Keep in mind- I don’t even have a very impressive swing speed, roughly 85 MPH so it’s not that 105 +MPH Guy dissing on the softer tour balls—-it’s simply that they may have”Felt Good” but failed to “Add any distance whatsoever.” In fact—they were losing distance compared to my old gamer. Also, they do state that environmental factors could come into play. Max I would double check what you were fitted to. Spin decreases by ~2500 which is where the distance comes from. WoW, just Wow. I learned so much about “golf balls”, hi. What changes do you want? Is the 7 iron more right biased? Titleist NXT Tour golf balls: The best golf balls for the average golfer. Surprised to see the pro-v and pro-v1 x data. They also forgot zbout them. As for myself just zero complaints. I hit all my clubs in the middle of the face ( everything fitted) and it’s satisfying to hit a premium ball like the prov1 well, plus the sound. So for me personally, I’m taking “-5” and normalizing that to 0, and then you have your true “offline” value for the average ball. Remember, the Deemples handicap is not sanctioned by any local or international golf association, so it won’t be valid to use for official tournaments. Are there many people out there that would hit a pebble of a ball to gain 5 yards off the tee, give up feel around the green and putt a ‘clicky’ ball? As the size of the ball is smaller it naturally leaves behind some ways for which it is more recommended to the golfers. Make a donation to support our independent and expert golf equipment research. Discussed a few times, but given the volume of comments, I’m happy to repeat myself. The golf apps that do exactly what Deemples does are few. Softer balls can actually check up while others can roll out quite a bit which can make total distances much different than just carry? Me thinks thou does protest too much DB, guessing you don’t like the results so you choose to attack the entire ground breaking test. Do that excersie for each club (with the wedges you don’t care about distance as much as distance consistancy , etc.) You see this a lot with “tour” versions of balls. I swing driver at 99-101 mph. Bob, Thanks again for your reply and sharing your testing results on this ball. I’m a 15 handicapper, driver speed around 105mph, and I usually play the Srixon Z Star and went to buy a new dozen before playing the weekend just gone. The general interpretation that MGS seems to have made is that low compression balls are a detriment to performance, even for the 85 mph SS. Thank – can you also address the Vice Pro question? On high-speed iron shots, the low compression balls rise to the top for distance, most notably the Bridgestone Tour B RXS and the Titleist AVX. The two-piece construction means they have been uniquely engineered to ensure better consistency with each shot, so you can’t blame the ball anymore, while the Delta Dimple design smooths the air resistance to … I swing my driver at 87 mph. These balls are not too soft or not too hard. I certainly don’t feel like my swing is any less then it used to be although at 57 I realize I’m not 30 anymore. Multi Flight makes it much easier for event organisers to coordinate, update, and communicate with their participants. I’ve played this ball for years and consistently see it perform better (At least for me) than the TP5. Can I get a copy of your test results for my own reading? I know this is a tough question but what ball in the Golfspy Test do you think it might be closest to? The guy I talked to insisted that the 2019 CSX TT is exactly the same ball as the 2018 CSX with the same core, cover, and compression. Bubba might have given them a bad rap when that 1 year trial didn’t work however people should at least try a sleeve for themselves. Awesome work! This was my gamer last year and it’s a great ball for the prices you can get them at times (on par price-wise with the KSigs). If that is not enough to convince you, consider this; at the fastest speed tested, the distance between the longest single ball and the shortest in the test was an astonishing 38.77 yards. Again, I’m not knocking the MGS crew for what they’re doing, but there are obvious flaws in these testing methods and the results are anything but certain. It would require another experiment, testing a bunch of balls from the same manufacturer and box and comparing the dispersion, distance, to another manufacturers box. The Top 5 distance balls at this speed were as follows (the data in ( ) indicates the rank vs. all the balls tested). 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