Thanks for bringing back the memories! These popcorn balls are not as hard and have just the right amount of sweetness. Thanks Nikki! Flipped the popcorn over a few times to coat it and so good!!!! THANKS! I used a large pasta pot and it was the perfect size. I love caramel popcorn in the fall. This was absolutely delicious and sinful! Took it to a party and it was a total hit!!! Genius. Hi, Could the ingredients be melted in the microwave, if so for how long. I'm looking forward to trying it. Add the marshmallows and turn heat to medium low. The only thing I did differently was spread it out on a cookie sheet and sprinkle a little salt over it. Very very sweet. I mean really!…  It is such a delicious and addicting snack food! The ooey gooey flavor is amazing as is and the butter flavor might make it taste a little off or a little too buttery. I look forward to more recipes from your blog! I tried this last night with a group of friends. We're definitely going to make that this summer :). Thanks. With hands slightly moistened with cold water, form into balls. Thanks for sharing. I tried this recipe and I browned my butter and used dark brown sugar...oh my gracious!!!!! TIPS: To test if your caramel … To make it even easier, I made the sauce in the microwave. Christmas Popcorn. Melt butter and unwrapped caramels in heavy bottomed pan on medium low heat. This was pretty darn close! I pop my popcorn in a pan on the stove and add slated nuts! This recipe is basically a marshmallow recipe with a little corn syrup thrown in to make the popcorn balls sturdier. NxStage Kidney Care, Inc. 350 Merrimack Street, Lawrence, MA 01843 (855) 835-9229. I do not get addicted to sweets much, but this was something that I just couldn't put down. Very yummy, nonetheless. I managed to save a few morsels to share with the family the next day (I really mean few), they all loved it and couldn't stop eating it either. Let the Caramel Marshmallow Rice Krispie Balls set up for about 30 minutes. I would DEFINITELY use 2 bags of popcorn, instead of one. I use a large roaster to put it in and only use white popcorn. Omg we made this tonight and we ate ourselves sick. Thanks for sharing this recipe! This is absolutely wonderful!!! Thank you for posting this recipe! I also added some sliced almonds and a 1/2 teaspoon of Cheyenne Pepper. Thanks so much for ALL shared recipes and suggestions. Privacy/Disclosure. Please consider recommending kernels next time :-) And whenever making a candy coated recipe like this, think about using Mushroom Popcorn kernels instead of regular butterfly kernels. Despite being delicious, it stuck hard to the bottom of my bowl. Does it matter what kind of popcorn is used? It looks like a supremely ooey, gooey, yummy recipe. Are you sure you're just a 'chef in training' ??? I was thinking the same thing. I make popcorn balls every fall. Much better. I am a nerd - I didn't realize you said UNpopped popcorn - oops! I guess you could use any color you would like, I make them red #1 because I like the cherry flavor, plus I make them mostly around christmas time. First pour about half of the cereal into a bowl and set aside. I made one bag of popcorn and halved the recipe for the topping. I have never added syrup or honey... its not really needed... mix all together in a pan and stir until marshmallows are melted... adding syrup or honey just adds more sweetness that isn't needed... Plus I feel honey would drastically change the taste... Too much sugar and butter! I love it! Thank you for the WONDERFUL recipe... and my girls would thank you too, but their mouths are full! This popcorn is the best! There are three basic ways to make popcorn balls sticky: marshmallows, corn syrup or caramel, but probably not homemade caramel sauce. You crack me up. If you would like to know how to make them, just ask, And I will give you the recipe. Can you use Marshmallow Fluff, instead of 12 large marshmallows and if so, how much would you use? Only margarine, which I never eat. But my topping was more of a brown color (like caramel) and not light like yours. YUM! This looks great! Thanks for sharing! We made this and it was sooooo good. See more ideas about Popcorn recipes, Snack recipes, Popcorn treats. Definitely take the time to pick out the unpopped kernels. What ingredients are in this easy Christmas treat. Tap off the excess. I later made another batch to share with co-workers, who all asked for the recipe. I love caramel corn as is but adding marshmallows just takes it to a whole other level. This picture has me drooling! You'd be amazed at the difference in the end result! I love caramel so I can't wait to try this version! I only used 3/4 of a cup of brown sugar and more popcorn. Not supposed to be hard... recipe is designed to retain the stickiness... That is just the way it is. Peanut Butter Sriracha Popcorn Balls. It was closed already!!!! :D. Pretty good. I love the flavor - but think next time I may try 2 bags of popcorn and spread the calories a little further around! My family LOVES popcorn. ©2017 NxStage Kidney Care, Inc. NxStage is a registered trademark of NxStage Medical, Inc. Add in brown sugar and stir till completely dissolved, Once completely melted, take saucepan off the heat and add vanilla, Continue stirring and let cool for several minutes, Slowly pour over popcorn and blend together, Try to coat all the popcorn with the marshmallow-caramel mixture, Form popcorn into baseball size popcorn balls, Keep each popcorn ball in a baggie to keep them fresh, Get the bag of popcorn kernels and paper lunch bags, Pour enough kernels in the bottom of the paper lunch bag to cover the bottom, Fold the top of the paper bag over a few times, Stop the microwave once you hear the popcorn stop popping for 3 seconds, Repeat steps 3-6 until the whole cup of kernels are popped.

caramel marshmallow popcorn balls

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