They can be used to make a fresh nettle soup, added to stews, used in baking, or simply sauteed in a little butter and garlic as a side dish. It presents gardeners with a tough decision in plant selection. I think I will domesticate it in the nearest future. She is also a fanatical gardener, and enjoys spending as much time covered in dirt as possible! You can find this variety in the following Seed Packs: Click the packs below to see some of our other wonderful products. Getting cabin fever? It’s that simple. Squeeze to drain as much moisture as possible, chop, and place in freezer bags or containers. You may quickly be convinced, as I was, that this plant is well worth the hassle of cultivation – and perhaps the very occasional sting. The best time to harvest nettles is in the early weeks of spring when … Nettle is an herbaceous, quick-growing plant whose leaves and stems are covered with tiny, hollow, silica-tipped hairs which can cause irritation. There are quite a number of claims about the healing properties of some root and leaf extracts, but many of these are inconclusive and largely anecdotal. Nettle takes 80-90 days to mature when you grow it from seed. Nettles prefers rich soil with good moisture content and especially favors the edges of streams or nutrient-dense pastures. Drinking it reminds me of sitting in a peaceful forest. Bring a basket, bucket, or paper bag, and a clean and sharp pair of scissors. How about your own home-grown, tax-free tobacco? Nettle does especially well on the edges of meadows, pastures, or streams where the soil stays moist but isn’t waterlogged. Fibers can be dried, pounded, and twisted into rope or cloth. If you want to grow some, these seed heads will provide hundreds of seeds. Frequently, I would be out peacefully weeding my beds and daydreaming – until I was jolted back to earth by an unexpected sting, the effects of which could last for hours. Nettles can also be foraged easily, and they grow as a weedy perennial all over the place. Although it has pretty flowers and is available in several different cultivars that work well in landscaping, it can also make quite a nuisance of itself through rampant spread. The seedlings can be transplanted in early spring and should be started approximately six weeks prior to transplant. While you're waiting for the seeds to sprout, keep them in a warm spot with indirect sunlight. This method has been used to reduce joint pain, such as what is experienced by those with arthritis. Selecting your site with future spread in mind is also advised. See all of our brand-new seed pack offerings in our store. Males have a stringier, compact cluster of flowers that tend to point outward. Start this method of coleus propagation by finding a mature coleus plant. Heirloom seeds are the gardeners choice for seed-saving from year-to-year. NOTE Do not use while pregnant or breastfeeding without consulting your doctor. If you want, you can incorporate some leaf mulch around the plants to help retain moisture during dry spells. As long as you use one of these methods, nettle leaves can be a part of practically any dish, used in a similar way to spinach or other leafy greens. This picture was taken in late summer. To store, remove leaves from the stems and secure in tightly lidded glass jars. A misnomer about this plant is the description ‘nettle’, as coleus belongs to the labiatae and not to the family of nettles, which is Urticaceae. If you can learn to properly identify them – which isn’t difficult if you touch them, but relying on visual cues is preferred! Though seen by many as an irritating weed, nettles have been appreciated by foragers for a long time, and they are so much more than just a menace to be wary of. I love stinging nettles. In Germany it was used during the first half of the 20th century, often combined with cotton to make undergarments, stockings, and fabrics. Occasional side effects include mild stomach upset, fluid retention, and hives or rash (mainly from topical use). Expect stinging nettle to grow in most areas that are fairly moist. anyone tyr to grow baby nettles this time of year from seed in the green house..think ill try it…mabe have some tender greens … For food and making herbal remedies, harvest the foliage when the stems looks juicy, before flowering. we just harvested a lot of nettle seed and are now dehydrating them in our NESCO dehydrator. Click those links to buy seeds and this link to learn to grow them! With additional writing and editing by Clare Groom and Allison Sidhu. While wearing gloves, use clean scissors to trim 5 to 6 inches off the top of a young, green stem. Native in many places around the world, this herb can be found in north Africa, North America, Asia, and Europe. They will spread quickly, once they become established. The earliest way to start nettle, in a grow season, is by starting seeds indoors. This teeny little geometric looking seed cluster is a close up of stinging nettle seeds. Nettle fabric was used by Europeans and Native Americans for linens and sailcloth as early as the 16th and 17th century. It is commonly found in the Safe Shallows and sometimes in the Grassy Plateaus or Mushroom Forest. Grow indoors right now with the Complete Micro Greens Growing Kit or the Micro Greens Seed Pack. Urtica dioica. It has toothed opposite leaves along the stems, which are almost heart shaped, and very small flowers.

how to grow nettle from seed

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