ologsinquito from USA on February 01, 2015: That tree shown in the video is amazing. Repeated or heavy frost will kill them. I appreciate your visit. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Thanks, DLeighAlexander. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. How beautiful! Thanks for the comment, the congrats and the vote. I hope to get a HOTD someday, when you'll return the favor. It is usually planted alongside wide roads. While fixating on the colors is pretty natural, there are several other factors that make the rainbow eucalyptus a very interesting gift of nature. Thank you, Tricia. In reality, the digestion of the leaves requires a lot of energy and provides limited nutrition. The tree is often referred to as a "living work of art". I learned something new today. It would certainly be lovely to have a rainbow eucalyptus tree in a garden, as long as the garden was big enough! Congratulations on the Hub of the Day award! Also known as the Mindanao gum or rainbow gum, the rainbow eucalyptus is a tall tree that is unique in that it's the only eucalyptus to live in the rainforest and only one of four species found outside of Australia.It can be found in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea, where it can soar up to 250 feet in the air. Rainbow Eucalyptus This is the most beautiful eucalyptus tree, with a color palette on its bark. 5 out of 5 stars (42) 42 reviews $ 10.00. Not a lot info about that. Maggie Griess from Ontario, Canada on October 08, 2015: This is another awesome tree. Jeff Kubina, via flickr, CC BY-SA-SA 2.0 License. This layer then changes colour. Beautiful trees and so astonishing that they are living works of art. I live near San Antonio. Linda Crampton (author) from British Columbia, Canada on September 18, 2017: Linda Crampton (author) from British Columbia, Canada on April 27, 2016: Thank you very much for the congratulations, Alun. Eucalyptus Rainbow trees thrive in USDA zones 10 and 11. Thank you for the congratulations and the second visit, Heidi! It typically grows in regions that are moist and humid, like tropical forested areas which receive heavy rainfall. Linda Crampton (author) from British Columbia, Canada on February 16, 2015: Thanks for the visit, Rota! You have packed a lot of information about the tree in your hub. It is one of the fastest growing trees (one specimen reached a height of 32 feet in just about 18 months) growing at over 3 feet per year. The trunk, a… Voted this up and awesome. How unfortunate that they're simply harvested for paper. I would love to own on for a lot of reasons, but one of the best would be to let it inspire me to write children's stores. In this following Gardenerdy article, we will let you in on some of the most interesting facts about this tree. $14.99 $ 14. I appreciate the votes as well. Linda Crampton (author) from British Columbia, Canada on February 06, 2015: Thanks, Flourish. Answer: Unfortunately, no. Nice one! frank nyikos from 8374 E State Rd 45 Unionville IN 47468 on May 04, 2015: Linda, I'm so glad this article was chosen as Hub of the Day. A grove of rainbow eucalyptus trees is beautiful to observe. These would make beautiful ornamental trees if you live in the right type of climate. These cookies do not store any personal information. The multicoloured trunk of the rainbow eucalyptus is a unique and highly appreciated feature. A well laid out hub on an unusual subject. Well, we're looking for good writers who want to spread the word. On some trees, the colours are so vibrant and rich that they look artificial. The leaves of the tree are steam distilled to extract the oil which has been traditionally used for oral hygiene, respiratory illnesses, coughs, colds, bronchitis, fungal infections, and skin wounds. Linda Crampton (author) from British Columbia, Canada on October 08, 2015: Thank you very much for the kind comment, Scribenet! If you contact the San Antonio Botanical Garden, the staff might be able to tell you where rainbow eucalyptus trees have been planted in the state. Question: How old should a tree be to begin shedding? whonunuwho from United States on May 04, 2015: Beautiful work my friend and such a wonderful tree that is so representative of the painter's pallet. It's been introduced to Hawaii, Florida and California and also grows naturally in countries near Australia, so you may not have to travel far to find a tree. Linda Crampton (author) from British Columbia, Canada on May 04, 2015: Thank you for the visit and the comment, lyoness913. One said that “several years” of growth are required before a color change is noted and that patience is required. Voted up and shared. Another said that after two years of growth they are seeing a very slight color change in the bark of their tree. I never even knew about this, until now. The rainbow eucalyptus (Eucalyptus deglupta) is native to the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia.

rainbow eucalyptus leaves

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