Simba is voiced by Cam Clarke in House of Mouse. After failing three attempts to rescue his friends from a predator, Simba believes he's bad at being a lion. Rate. Kion speaks to his family about partaking in a Christmas celebration for Timon and Pumbaa. In the Kingdom Hearts franchise, he was voiced by James Horan, who also played Skull Face in Metal Gear Solid V. 4. As rain falls on the Pride Lands and extinguishes the fire, Simba walks down to greet Sarabi, Nala, Timon, Pumbaa, Rafiki, Zazu, and the rest of the pride. Once a full-grown adult and a father, Simba has matured to a new level, now totally fixated on his duties as a king and a father. S2, Ep14. 0. As a cub, Simba can roar, jump on enemies and roll. This decision proves that he is growing into a leader, learning the importance of mercy within authority. As he starts to lead the Guard further into the kingdom, Beshte comments that at least he hadn't been mad about their nearly losing an ostrich egg, to which Fuli counters that it's not Beshte's fault that he can't jump like a lion. Kion agrees and rushes off. The third time, Rafiki falls asleep on a rock during the shooting of a scene, and Simba tries to wake him up, shaking his shoulders, but he fails and proposes to continue filming tomorrow. He is the king of Pride Rock who succeeds Scar. Beshte comments that Kongwe lives near the Urembo River, which is a half-day's walk from Pride Rock. Simba couldn't think of a better way to celebrate. Simba and other characters from The Lion King are also featured in Disney's Art of Animation Resort in Walt Disney World. The gameplay is very similar to the first The Lion King video game, in which the player takes control of Simba and must leap and run between platforms while fighting enemies and avoiding pitfalls. Simba rejects his responsibility and refuses to go back, still believing that he is guilty of killing Mufasa. He is the King of the Pride Lands, the son of Mufasa and Sarabi, the adoptive son of Azima and Jahi, the adopted brother of Jike, Uma, and Maisha, the mate of Nala, and the father of Kiara, Kion, and Nguruma. He is the son of Mufasa and Sarabi, and the mate of Nala, with whom he has two cubs: a daughter, Kiara, and a son, Kion. Mufasa tells his son that he has forgotten who he is and his own place in the Circle of Life. Just then, a large boulder tumbles down from the top of the rock pile, and Fuli heroically saves Bunga from being crushed. When Kiara is reunited with Kovu, Simba apologizes to him, finally admitting that he was wrong. Ono reports that the gazelles are trying to reach a patch of grass above an unstable pile of rocks. Simba jumps on her to make her admit that he is the best, but she flips him onto his back, teasing him for getting pinned. Simba questions Bunga as to what they need to do in order to practice for the show, but Bunga remains unsure as to where he should begin. mtv. Simba and Nala are back in action for "The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar." Mufasa leaves to deal with the threat, forbidding Simba to come with him. Kion, the younger son of Simba and Nala, has adventures of his own with his friends who formed together with him are called the Lion Guard to protect the Pride Lands from any certain danger and many adventures to see Rights for the Lion King go to Disney Simba in The Lion King: Bloopers & Outtakes. After stopping Ansem, Seeker of Darkness, Simba's body was restored and he returned to his own world. Simba and his best friend, Nala, sing "I Just Can't Wait to Be King", during which they anticipate Simba's rule over the kingdom. As a teenager, Simba gets bigger and starts to grow a red mane on his head. Here comes the Lion Guard! Though Kion is hesitant to intervene, Simba encourages him to save the pup in the spirit of Kupatana. This comment hurts and shocks Simba immensely, as he looks away sadly while Kiara runs into Pride Rock before sneaking away to find Kovu. Knowing that Kion and the Lion Guard will be able to help, Simba tells Nala and Kiara to go to the concert, due to it being traditional for the royal family to be in attendance. The "safe place" the tarsier guides Timon and Pumbaa to turns out to be a cave filled with other skeletons. Fuli and Kion immediately begin to suspect that the problem is their fault, and Kion learns from his father that aardwolves strongly resemble hyenas. Rate. Zazu is disappointed with his tardiness but is assured that he's not at fault by the Lion Guard. The Guard returns, and Nala and Rafiki explain Simba’s state of illness. She and Simba then chuckle as they nuzzle each other in a loving manner, and Simba smiles warmly at her. In response, Mufasa playfully says, "Because no one messes with your dad!" However, Kion emerges from the flames unscathed. When Kion is cornered, Zira mentions that Simba's Pride Lands are vulnerable without Kion's Roar. He then picks Simba up and gives him a playful noogie. A little scared, Simba sends one last look at Nala, who leaves. Makuu meets Simba on Pride Rock about the water situation. When Kiara and Kion squabble over a tree, Simba approaches and tells Kion to back away, for Kiara is going to serve as queen for the day. In the jungle, he develops somewhat grotesque habits, burping and eating bugs alongside his lazy companions. However, in response, Rafiki asks Simba who he is. He is about to impart the Morning Report to Simba and the Lion Guard, even though night has descended. Simba looks down and sees that Scar has survived the fall, though he is slightly dazed from the attack. He and Nala invite Hadithi to a Royal Mud Print Ceremony, in which he will preserve his talon marks in the mud forever alongside those of other heroes. Simba arrives with his mate, Nala, to praise the legendary eagle Hadithi, who is visiting the Pride Lands. Though he may seem a bit over-protective at times, Simba cares greatly about his family and the future of the Pride Lands. He looks at Nala, who is peacefully sleeping, then goes back to sleep, still uneasy but more relaxed. After some instruction from his father, Simba succeeds in pinning down Zazu. Bunga is the bravest, Fuli is the fastest, Beshte the strongest, and Ono is the keenest of sight. As Timon and Pumbaa are cornered by the wild dog, Simba comes to their rescue. The Lion Guard is attacked by Janja the hyena. Simba orders Zira to take Kovu and get out since they are now finished with their conversation. Simba strains to reach Mufasa, but Scar grabs him, allowing Mufasa to slip away from Simba and fall to his death. While Mufasa fights through the stampede, one of the wildebeests collides with the branch and breaks it, sending Simba flying into the air. Timon and Pumbaa can do only so much to protect her, especially when she encounters an intriguing rival, Kovu, a cub who is being groomed to lead Scar’s pride. The herd begins to climb the rock pile, dislodging stones, and Ono yells for the Lion Guard to halt their approach. Simba attempts to climb out of a forming sinkhole. In Disney California Adventure, Simba makes an appearance in a segment of World of Color. Shocked, Simba jumps down after them just as Zira slips away into the water below. Zazu is kidnapped by the hyenas and interrogated for information about King Simba. The Lion Guard Kion vs The Good Dionsaur Arlo traps Simba and Fuli defending the Pride Lands against hyenas, by ToysReviewToys. He then looks on as Kiara and Makini head off together to help Ma Tembo look for water. However, this changes when he grows into a young adult, with his childhood friend Nala reminding him of his responsibilities back home. Simba then tells Nala to look for Sarabi and rally the lionesses while he searches for Scar. When the Lion Guard returns to the Pride Lands, they report back to Simba at Pride Rock. lionguard, kion, disney. As Timon finds different kinds of papers in his suitcase, he pulls out a papier-mâché of Simba. This news greatly shocks everyone, especially Sarabi. That afternoon, Simba introduces Makini to a crowd of Pride Landers, and says that Makini will be painting for them as the next step of her training. Simba finally accepts Kovu as one of the pride. Simba comments that the rocks will fall if the gazelles try to ascend them and then shouts for the Lion Guard to follow him. At the beginning of the film, a newborn Simba lies curled in his mother's paws. news. At the end of the game, he can be seen watching the celebratory bonfire in contentment. Simba then labels the blame on himself, hanging his head in shame. During levels Simba can collect pawprint-shaped tokens which add to the overall score. When Kion suggests finishing the performance without the paint, Ma Tembo hesitates, and Simba adds that it could be thought of as a new tradition. This is evident when he accepts Jasiri and later forgives Janja and his clan shortly after fighting them. Sometime later, when the Pride Lands flourish once again, Simba and his mate Nala, along with their friends Timon and Pumbaa, stand on the promontory of Pride Rock, proudly looking down at the animals who have assembled below Pride Rock. Simba and Mufasa had a strong father-son relationship, Simba looked up to Mufasa in every way, aspiring to become just like him. Simba is mentioned by Kion when the lion cub informs Uroho that he is the son of the king. When she asks who he is, Simba tells her his name, and the lioness is surprised to recognize her childhood friend. Yet Simba, Nala, Timon, and Pumbaa are captured by humans, which Simba, Nala, Timon & Pumbaa believes that they are going to be killed. The Lion Guard then follows his lead down the slope to rescue the gazelles. He then asks what they would do if Kion were in Simba's place, and Fuli explains that she and Ono would go after the herd, while Beshte and Bunga would stay behind to assist the king. Several years later, Simba spent an episode of "The Lion Guard" stuck with Bunga ("Bunge and the King") and to say Bunga wore him down would be an understatement. He is seen reliving the wildebeest stampede from the film and can also be seen during the finale. In order to avoid getting eaten by Simba and having their friend die in the battle between him and Claudius, Timon hatches a plan to make it seem like Simba is eating them. Later, Mtoto informs the Lion Guard that Makuu is yelling at Bupu at Pride Rock. Unfortunately for them, it hits the bottom and breaks into hundreds of tiny splinters. Simba tells Nala to go on ahead to the concert with Kiara, knowing that Kion will save him soon. Simba roars menacingly at Kovu as Kiara reminds him that he has broken his promise, to which Simba, out of fear of losing her again, forbids any more hunting trips for her. After some years pass, Simba grows into a young adult lion who enjoys his life with Timon and Pumbaa in the jungle. Simba tells the Lion Guard that Kion would be proud of them. Simba, however, continues to run and gets his tail stuck underneath a massive boulder. He freezes in horror as he hears his mother's name yelled out by Scar, then watches as Sarabi and Scar argue. Rate. This confirms Kion's fears, and he admits to his father that he had used the Roar of the Elders to drive the aardwolves out of the Pride Lands. Soon after, Bunga notices a tunnel in the side of the sinkhole. The Pride Landers disapprove of his dishonesty, though Ma Tembo notes that she understands why he'd kept it a secret. The old king pleads for mercy as he puts the blame on the hyenas, unaware that they have heard everything. Zira tells Simba that she is home and commands her troops to attack. Simba approaches his father and tries to speak, but Mufasa interrupts, accusing Simba of deliberately disobeying him. The lion guard collectible figure set comes with 5 of your favorite friends from Disney Junior's, the lion guard! Simba starts to blame Makuu for the pandemonium, but Makuu insists that whoever is leading his float has defied a direct order from their leader. Mufasa's spirit appears in the sky, and Simba instantly recognizes him, astonishingly asking, "Father?" [2] Despite his preference to assume leadership over certain circumstances, he understands when he must give the leadership to others, and follow the guidance of others. Simba commands Zazu to find Kiara and assembles the lionesses, ready for battle. Simba chuckles at King Sokwe's "peace message". Scar disappears as the fire dies down, but the Pride Landers grow concerned about their chances against Scar. As they make their way to Pride Rock, they find their way blocked by hyenas, and Simba instructs Timon and Pumbaa to divert the hyenas so that he and Nala can slip past them. She then tells Simba that it is good to remember the fun times. At first, Makuu seems to be growing angry, but then he forgives Ono, much to the egret's relief. Simba and Rafiki make Timon and Pumbaa clean up the mess they made after they had a fight. As Simba realizes his daughter's words, the rain stops, and the sun shines down from the clouds. Species Figure out something so great and so awesome that you would never get lost and bored. Beshte does as Simba commands, but accidentally slips on the rocks and falls into the mud, carrying Bunga, Fuli, and Ono with him. However, during the ceremony, Hadithi admits that he had abandoned Ono to danger, and the Lion Guard races to the rescue. Simba later shows up to find Zazu, but also asks Rafiki to finish telling the story of Timon. Just as they are about to go into a one-on-one duel, Kiara jumps in front of her father, and Kovu jumps in front of his mother. A reflection of Simba is shown as Rafiki tries to make Zazu realize the one animal he forgot to count on his list. Living carefree in the jungle, Simba gets into all kinds of mischief that Mufasa and Sarabi would have never allowed, such as jumping down from dangerously tall trees, swimming down steep and deadly waterfalls backwards, and spinning Timon around like a play toy. Because of this, Simba declares total war on the Outlands to put an end to Scar's terror. Before the annual Kupatana celebration, Simba compliments Basi's performance to Beshte, who thanks the king and tells him that Basi has been practicing relentlessly. lion king 2: simba's pride - lion king simba stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images baby simba plush toy - lion king simba stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images LR Melina M'Poy Gugwana Dlamini and Johnathan Andrew Hume as pictured at the launch of The Lion King musical at … He has reddish-brown eyes, dark red-brown whiskers, and a pink nose. Simba, Nala, and Zazu arrive at Kilio Valley. When the machine says "predator" and runs away, the tarsier reappears and tells Timon and Pumbaa that he knows a safe place they can go to to avoid Simba and Timon agrees while Pumbaa is uncertain. Upon seeing news reports about Bartholomew's escape from Dr. He later attempts three times to say the phrase "Hakuna Matata" while walking across a fallen tree, but he fails, and he and the crew laugh. With the belief that he knows best, Simba is quick to jump to conclusions, not giving others a chance to speak for themselves. While the king and queen look on proudly, Rafiki holds their cub up for all the kingdom to see. The cub glorifies Mufasa, wanting to be just like him when he grows up, and suffers much grief whenever he disappoints him. He believes that they are first to arrive until his son guides him over to a canyon, where a large assortment of animals has already gathered. •  Bro (by Bunga) •  Dad (by Kion and Kiara) •  Daddy (by Kiara) •  Fuzzy (by Zazu) •  Junior (by Timon) •  Kid (by Timon and Pumbaa) •  King Zimba (by Hafifu and Majinuni) •  Kitty (by Banzai) •  Liege (by Pumbaa) •  Lion Number One (by Bunga) •  Little hairball (by Scar) •  Mon capitan (by Timon) •  Son (by Mufasa) •  Sonny boy (by Timon) •  Young master (by Zazu), •  Pride Lands •  Hakuna Matata (formerly), •  Pride Landers •  Pride Lands monarchy •  Simba's pride •  Lion Guard (briefly), •  King of Pride Rock •  Leader of the Lion Guard (briefly) •  Prince of Pride Rock (formerly), Mufasa (father) †Sarabi (mother)Nala (mate)Kion (son)Kiara (daughter)Unnamed father-in-lawSarafina (mother-in-law)Kovu (son-in-law)Rani (daughter-in-law)Scar (uncle) †Askari (distant relative) †Timon (adoptive uncle)Pumbaa (adoptive uncle)Bunga (adoptive brother), •  Banzai •  Ed •  Kiburi •  Nuka •  Reirei •  Scar •  Shenzi •  Zira •  Kovu (formerly) •  Vitani (formerly). Simba, however, pays little attention to their constant drills, confident in his abilities to take on dangerous predators. 5. After Kion notices that there is an excess of termites in the Pride Lands, he comes to Simba, wondering what he should do. Disney's The Lion Guard. At least one of us does!" Once the violence is over, Simba thanks Timon and Pumbaa for their help against the hyenas before he climbs Pride Rock and roars at the peak, reclaiming the Pride Lands, much to the joy of Timon, Pumbaa, Ma, and Uncle Max. In the Lair of the Lion Guard, Kion informs his team of Simba's intention to lead them while he is away. However, he gains a long red mane that extends from his forehead to his upper chest. Both characters lose their father at a young age and later encounter his ghost, and both struggle against a lion enemy who is scarred across one eye. Initially, Simba refuses to go back to the Pride Lands, stating that he is "not who he used to be." They witness the concert and praise the elephants after their song, but just then, Simba arrives with the Lion Guard, Pumbaa, and Timon. The herds follow Kion to Mizimu Grove, where Makini's baobab tree seed has survived the fire. Simba and Nala during the presentation of their newborn daughter, Kiara. Luckily, Kiara turns up, wanting her hunting lesson, so Kovu is drawn away. Rafiki formally introduces Makini as his apprentice, and Simba and Nala greet her with warmth. The entire pride mourns the death of their family member. As an adolescent, Simba picks up a happy, carefree lifestyle, thinking nothing of his responsibilities back home. As Mzingo flies away, Simba begins to lament having kingly responsibilities, and Zazu reminds him of the perks of the job, singing "Duties of the King". Simba approaches, furious, and exclaims that Bupu and Makuu had been about to come to an agreement about sleeping situations for their respective species.

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